Truffle making classes

How would you like Master Chocolatier Fritz Knipschildt, to teach a truffle class in your own kitchen,   Or at an event as a wedding party, baby shower, Holiday party or just a get together.  He offers two different classes.

Truffle making classes:

Learn how to make truffles from start to finish.  Not only how to make them but the origin of the ingredients used and where Master Chocolatier Fritz Knipschildt got his start.

Learn how to make your own master pieces from making the ganache to rolling truffles-decorating and a lecture about the world of chocolate- everybody keeps their master creations.

Price is $80 per person, minimum of 10 people.

Chocolate and wine/beer pairing classes:

$100 per person minimum of 10 people.

An incredible walk through of pairing Chocolate with alcoholic beverages.

The story of Fritz and a lecture on the worlds of chocolate.

Not only do you learn from the Master you get to keep the chocolate you make from scratch.  Classes last 90-120 minutes and your enjoyment is guaranteed.  Please email to book your class or to find out more information.